We collaborate with public, third sector and any other kind of organizations interested in creating real impact for citizens and communities. We design for a future where things get done easily, services are centered around people's needs and organizations are transparent and flexible.

We empower people to creatively re-think the purpose of services and organizations to improve citizens' lives and create positive impact for society.


Why service design?

Service Design in the public & social sector helps bridge the gap between the government and the people that it serves. Changing people’s mindset from passive receivers or providers of policies and services to active citizens with a sense of true shared ownership. Service Design intervenes in a personal, organizational as well as a state-wide level addressing the complexity of challenges from many different perspectives and levels. It empowers people to take action and organizations to be more flexible as it promotes openness and builds capacity for design and innovation.

Our services

We undertake SERVICE DESIGN PROJECTS! We design or re-design services for social impact.


...but what is a Service Design Project?

A Service Design Project is a tranformation process. It starts from identifying a need. It answers questions such as; How can I embbed new technologies in my organization? How can i better serve the needs of citizens? How can Ι improve the way my unit works?

Starting our journey, the first step is to question everything. Why this need came about? Is this the true cause of the issue? What was it that led to addressing an expert? The mindset is solve the correct problem and then solve the problem correctly.

As the project progresses you will find that with the the creative and collaborative methodologies it challenges core habbits of the organization leaving its mark imprinted towards a more inclusive, human-centered and open organization.

In the end the deliverable is not only a final product or service but a renewed mindset!


Wanting to understand more about what we do and how we do it? Wondering how can we collaborate? Check our SERVICES page or CONTACT US for more information!



Our philosophy

"When we say design, we mean people, systems and change"

When we say services we mean physical and digital experiences, interactions and relationships that your organization creates awith different stakeholders. Citizens, employees, your network of associates. We know that most of your services and organizations are inter-connected. We work accross organizational systems to create meaningful interactions with your stakeholders through the various touch-points that your organization uses and design holistic experiences and services that simply work for all.


"When we design we do it in the open!"

We take a grassroots approach to service & organizational innovation; we are tooling up citizens and professionals to take a pro-active approach to making services that work for them. We open-up our toolkit of methods to build service design capacity inside your organization so that you can design services from now on by putting people's needs first.

We want to empower people by putting our professional tools in their hands to design their future on their own.