Our services

Our services are tailored to fit your organization's or the project's needs. We focus on empowering collaboration and building capacity in your team in order to incorporate the practice of design thinking in the workplace. From supporting public sector services to designing completely new ones, our aim is to re-define the relationship between citizens and the state while enabling people to express their inner creativity and co-create practical solutions to current issues.




We believe that a realistic and in depth overview of an organization or a project is the first and most important step for any strategic desicion making.


Using our creative toolkit, a colaborative approach and the mindset of fail fast learn faster we design structured and tested solutions ready for implementation.


Most projects and iniciatives lack in the implementation phase. We carry out the project, start to finish and deliver a complete and easily adaptable service.


So what happens in the future? We design for it! Building together with you a strategic roadmap provides the means for your organization to be sustainable.



Identify and unlock internal opportunities +

Documentation on your organization's insights, employee satisfaction and capabilities.

Discover external design opportunities +

Documentation on market's insights and oportunities, customer opinions, capacity and satisfaction



Design new services +

Design from scratch an entirely new service that adds value to your organization

Boost and improve existing services +

Support your work by enchancing an existing service or addressing a problem



Project overseeing and support opportunities +

Alignment of the project implementation with your expectations and organization and buisiness ethics

Coaching employees on design thinking +

Hands on workshops and coaching for capacity building


Service strategy for sustainable growth +

Make sure the solution is viable and create momentum for change.


Our approach

We are a design-driven multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in service design, strategy and business operations. We work in an agile and iterative way to ensure that your project is delivered efficiently.

Human Centered


We design services by putting people first. We study people's behavior (users', employees' etc.) and how they interact with your services to get true insights. We do this through interviews, focus groups, ethnographic research and exploratory workshops. We then design meaningful experiences combining their needs with your organizational capacity.




We bring to the table different stakeholders; the service users, your employees, the management team and your associates. We create a safe space and the appropriate tools to spark creative collaboration. We do this iteratively, through co-design workshops, in various stages of the project.



We are design-led; thus we tend to be visual and making things tangible. We prototype services (both physical and digital) and test them with real people (citizens, your employees etc.) before we deliver them. We save your organization time and money from making changes after the service is implemented.